Morse Code Hebrew Alphabet

Morse Code Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Letters


More About Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet, known as the "Aleph-Bet" (אלף־בית) in Hebrew, is used for writing the Hebrew language. It consists of 22 letters, and it is read from right to left. Here is the Hebrew alphabet from start to finish:

  • א - Aleph
  • ב - Bet
  • ג - Gimel
  • ד - Dalet
  • ה - He
  • ו - Vav
  • ז - Zayin
  • ח - Het
  • ט - Tet
  • י - Yod
  • כ - Kaf
  • ל - Lamed
  • מ - Mem
  • נ - Nun
  • ס - Samekh
  • ע - Ayin
  • פ - Pe
  • צ - Tsadi
  • ק - Qof
  • ר - Resh
  • ש - Shin
  • ת - Tav

Each of these letters can also represent a number, as numerical values are assigned to them in a system called "Gematria". This is often used for mystical or interpretive purposes in Jewish texts.

Should you wish to explore this alphabet further, whether as a language enthusiast, a student of ancient scripts, or someone interested in decoding languages, consider utilizing a Morse code translator to uncover the intriguing connections between Hebrew characters and Morse code symbols.

Please note that in modern Hebrew, some letters can take on a final form (sofit) when they appear at the end of a word, but these are not separate characters.